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Rules of Engagement: Cowardice Codified

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

The bravest soldier becomes a coward when he follows an order to shoot unarmed people. The slaughter reported in today’s news of people on a Baghdad bus that didn’t stop for soldiers at a roadblock is a case in point. (more…)

Window on Desperation

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

My window looks out on a church parking lot, and I was gazing in that direction yesterday while the Foodshare truck was parked there.  The line for provisions was alarmingly long, with quite a few children waiting alongside their parents. (more…)

Justice Stalks Member

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

(Hartford, November 26, 2007) Congressman John B. Larson, Connecticut Democrat, was today presented with a set of pointed questions challenging his stated position on the impeachment of the President of the United States. Larson has told local impeachment advocates that the Congress has more important things to do and that it’s too late to hold the executive branch accountable. (more…)

Censored: Media Consolidation Debate

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

News censors for the embedded mass media have edited out all coverage of the debate now in progress over consolidation in broadcasting. (more…)

Island of Lost Boys

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Veteran’s Day came and went with an obligatory nod and salute from the embedded mass media to the dead and maimed. Unnoticed, or maybe just unmentioned is what motivates a boy to take up life with a rifle in the midst of a conflagration like Iraq. (more…)

Neocrats OK Fascist AG

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Senate Democrats Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and four others teamed up with the entire Republican caucus to subvert the rule of law yesterday by appointing an openly fascist lawyer to serve as attorney general. (more…)

Writers Arouse Little Sympathy Here

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

I can’t remember a strike in which I had as little sympathy for the strikers as I do for the TV writers’ union.  To judge from the quality of the product offered by their employers, they are uncreative hacks who are lucky to be working.  With rare exceptions, their creations are trite knock-offs that can only be meant as a backdrop for advertising.  The competent writers among them would probably agree that, in an enlightened world, the average Leno monologue or ER script would end up not in the outbox but in the wastebasket.   As for social conscience, you may see it on the picket line, but you’ll have a hard time finding it in the strikers’ scripts and gags.          

Embedded Mass Media Unflagging in Support for Outlaw

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

We have been told repeatedly by the embedded mass media that the approval of Michael Mukasey as attorney general is “virtually assured,” “a substantial certainty,” or otherwise in the bag. The reporters never tell you by what means they know this. They happen to be the same reporters who thought a war in Iraq would be a cakewalk and who assured New Orleans that the city had dodged a bullet, and so I hope I’ll be forgiven for demanding some provenance.

I don’t believe that the reporters have polled senators, and so I can only conclude that their pronouncements of certainty are passed on second-hand from unnamed people in the know. My experience with people in the know is that their anonymous reports are not to be trusted. They leak information to manipulate public opinion, not to inform it. Reporters who pass on the morsels tossed out by professional gossip-mongers are mere tools.

You have to wonder about the ethics of the folks who do this sort of reporting. They know that prediction and prognostication are not fact. They know that “analysis” of the future is so much bunk. Over at National Public Radio, where expressions of certainty about events that haven’t happened yet are the regular fare, Hillary has the nomination nailed down, America and Israel will prevail in the world (eventually), and everything will be OK. And that’s the news for today, and now lets get down to some quirky observations on pet ownership, sports, and hip-hop. Nobody seems to be embarassed about all this, but everyone must be. As for important events that have happened and are happening: Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

Is it madness to think that somebody might want to manipulate public opinion on the appointment of this particular nominee? His own testimony betrays him as an in-your-face fascist, an outlaw of the first water. Could Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate, which must approve Mukasey) really be poised to approve him? If so, which Democrats? Presumably, the reporters know, but they won’t tell.

I don’t believe they know anything of the kind. I think the reporters are willing dupes in a highly organized campaign to manipulate public opinion. This attorney general must be confirmed in order to guarantee the tenure of the criminally culpable parties that populate our government at this nadir of American history, when free citizens wage war for gain, torture prisoners, and abandon the rule of law. Our leaders are ruthless and dangerous racketeers, they occupy positions in every branch of government at every level, and they have the power to end the career of anybody, including journalists, teachers, law enforcement officers, bureaucrats, elected officials, you, me and anybody else that would dare to stand in the way.

I don’t believe Mukasey’s confirmation is assured. In fact, I can’t believe that 50 senators will dare to allow another criminal to run the Justice Department. Maybe NPR can make it happen if they all wish hard enough and keep hiding facts from the public, but Mukasey belongs in a secure facility, not a government law office, and the Senate can’t fail to notice that. If the members confirm him, they must be reckoned, even at NPR, as the most corrupt senate since the fall of Rome.

Mukasey Deserves Disbarment

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Defending the government’s right to employ “harsh interrogation” techniques, the nominee for attorney general declined to acknowledge that drowning is torture.  Michael Mukasey’s rationale: he doesn’t want to put executive branch officials who may have ordered drownings in legal jeopardy.  This declaration is as good as a promise that the nominee will fashion his legal opinions to accommodate the criminal activities of his superiors.  He has no intention of subjecting himself or his bosses to the rule of law.     

Keep in mind that this is the same jurist who questions the constitutional authority of Congress to restrain the president on matters of war and peace, the constitutional right of habeas corpus, and the criminal and civil liability of high-ranking officials.  

His testimony presents a serious issue for lawyers, who are bound not to tolerate the antilegal ravings of such zealots.  A lawyer who makes legal assertions that are not supported by precedent violates our code of professional responsibility.  We’re not allowed to take positions that have no basis in law.  Like the idea that the president’s authority as commander-in-chief somehow trumps the Congress’ authority to make laws or the constitutional prohibition against torture.  Suddenly, in Mukasey’s paradigm, checks are removed from the system of checks and balances.   Because of some extraordinary circumstance that he argues attends 21st Century life, Mukasey promises to put the system out of balance.  He claims that this sort of violence to law has some basis in law.  It does not, as all lawyers know.   Lawyers that make arguments such as those advanced by Mukasey are not entitled to hold such views and retain their place at the bar.   

Lawyers should recall a time 70 years ago when their German brothers at the bar sold out to totalitarians.  Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler couldn’t have accomplished their insanely arrogant mission without the connivance of lawyers and judges like Mukasey. Far from qualifying him for the post of attorney general, Mukasey’s testimony stands as grounds for disbarment. 

News Taboos

Thursday, November 1st, 2007
  • Over a million dead in Iraq because of the USA
  • US occupation is terrorism
  • The tab for war is about to come due
  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • Most US elected officials, regardless of party, are thugs
  • USA lost two wars to weak opponents
  • Almost 4,000 US soldiers are dead for no reason
  • Fuel burning is lethal to humanity
  • Romney’s looks qualify him as a candidate
  • Jews born in the USA are entitled to Israeli citizenship
  • Kucinich’s looks disqualify him as a candidate
  • Voters are ignorant
  • Elections are fixed
  • Racists, not weather, destroyed New Orleans
  • George Bush is insane

In private, no newsman could fail to acknowledge that each of these assertions is supported by considerable evidence. In public, no newsman would dare mention any of them, much less discuss them. Also unmentionable: all this unmentionability is censorship, and it is a threat to our republic.