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Neojournalistic Delusion

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

One thing about people being stupid: They’re not. If they turn in a certain direction and see things, they can’t help learning from them. Maybe that’s why the coverage of 9/11/2012 was long on memorials and short on the event itself. You didn’t see much film of it this year, but all three building collapses were recorded from every angle, and more and more people every day are seeing recordings of the event and catching on.

What they’re seeing is the first two instances ever of buildings being deliberately demolished with people inside. Mass murder before their eyes. They can see the telltale puffs from explosions on the lower floors, to make room for the pulverized material bearing down from above. They can see the mushroom cloud of debris, expanding with explosive power. They can see the incredible speed and symmetry of the destruction, impossible with natural forces. No comment is needed to recognize what was done.

Simultaneous with the censorship of all discussion of the collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings, a new book came out for the anniversary saying the Bush administration had several specific warnings over the summer of 2001 and before and didn’t connect the dots. The book-tour spin is that the White House was incompetent, but it seems just as likely that our leaders allowed the World Trade Center to be rigged to go off, just in case. People inside? Fuhgeddabowdit. A sacrifice to empire, and well worth it.

A good question might be how nearly universal censorship could have been accomplished for all these years. With only two or three exceptions, the mass media and the self-described independent, alternative media this year suppressed all discussion of unanswered questions surrounding the events of 9/11/2001. Case closed, they shouted soundlessly in unison. This can’t be explained except as mass hysteria. A conversion symptom. The power of suggestion. Maybe just the fear of losing an audience.

Neojournalistic delusion, as this might be called, seems to work for awhile, but the truth–and in this case Newton’s laws of physics–will out. One public television station in Denver, Colorado, allowed the science of the building collapses to be discussed this year, and events are taking their expected course. People are looking, and people are seeing. It’s not a pleasant prospect, and this would be news if anybody were disposed to report it.

Good News from the War Party

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

We used to think of a war party as a squad of fighters. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that the term has evolved. A political party that endorses war is also a war party, minus any hint of bravery or valor.

It’s pretty well understood in partisan politics that to succeed in a national election, a party must endorse warfare and promise bloodshed in the cause of national interest. Elections are won by war parties in our hypernationalist system. I couldn’t watch, but I heard that Democrats and Republicans lately demonstrated their commitment as war parties on national TV, chanting “USA” at the drop of a grisly anecdote.

I’m holding it against every Democrat and Republican I know that they cheered for death. I’ve studied the issue as a lawyer, and these so-called wars we have going on are all illegal. Illegal war is murder, and our military adventures mark a descent into perdition for which the entire adult population of the USA should and will eventually be held accountable. When they applaud mass murder with the world watching, they’re begging for retribution.

They didn’t just cheer, either. They celebrated. They ate, they drank, and they made merry on the the tab of predators in finance and industry, war profiteers each and every one. They were so happy to be at war, so full of celebratory spirit that they may have created a new meaning of “war party.” They embraced baby-killing, assassination, and remote-controlled destruction of life and property with such gusto, it was almost obscene. It was war party after war party for the celebrants, all sponsored by the two war parties and their benefactors in the war industry.

Our free press was there to record it all. It was win/win for them. Not only did they get news without working for it–political speeches are news now, in case you hadn’t noticed–they got to browse at the buffet tables along with the other merry-makers. They seem to have a preference for the Republican gala, which was better financed and a bit more up-scale. I guess an abundance of shrimp doesn’t cut it any more. Today’s neojournalist has a craving for fine wine that was once rare among crusty political reporters.

The question today for news-mongers and consumers is which is the true war party. I can’t tell a Democrat from a Republican, but NPR tells me that voters, now secure–or insecure–in the knowledge that Osama Bin Laden has been fed to the sharks, will support what they judge to be the true war party.

NPR could be right, but it could be that what we’re seeing is not enthusiasm but hysteria and mass delusion. Somebody needs a slap in the face, but who’s going to deliver it? A few hundred or even a few thousand peaceniks in the streets won’t suffice. It has to be a repudiation that can’t be ignored. What if everybody who believes the system no longer works in the public interest were to stay home on election day? Turnout of 10 percent or less might signal to ourselves and to the world that support for rogue government is withdrawn. It could weaken the hold of the murderers in Congress and the executive branch who compel us to kill.