If we look critically at the story propounded by the embedded mass media as “Russian meddling in the 2016 election,” it looks like most of the collusion is between news reporters and political manipulators in this country. Object: to sell the meddling story to a gullible nation. 

The media don’t seem to find the idea of meddling preposterous. If the minions of the Democratic party couldn’t swing the election, financed to the tune of billions of bucks and supported by nearly every newspaper editor in the country, what might Russia expect to accomplish with a few pathetic trouble-making items on Facebook and Twitter? Are the news-mongers serious when they try to sell this as meddling? Israel meddles. At best, Russia merely dabbles. Most likely, the motives of the parties involved were altogether commercial and not at all political. There’s a lucrative elections industry here, and there must be Russians who would like to feed at that trough, alongside our own mass media.

Both politically and journalistically, there’s nothing like the denunciation of an enemy to attract an audience. As denouncers, the candidates Trump and Clinton were in fierce competition, assigning hostile intent variously to Iranians, Arabs, Russians, Koreans, Venezuelans, Chinese and lesser powers, even to the ends of the Earth. Neojournalists from Washington to Honolulu joined the scapegoating mob, and the populace is now expected to take up torches and pitchforks against the named enemies. Tested by the atrocities of September 11, 2001, the people were found sufficiently gullible to cast blame on just about anybody but their own corrupt leaders in politics and the media. It is the collusion between these powers that we should worry about, but don’t rely on the media or government for warnings.

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